Dynaprene TPE Product Introduction
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Dynaprene® TPE is the trade name of thermoplastic elastomer products made by NANTEX. The current main product under the TPE family is the dynamically cross-linked thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV), which is the perfect hybrid of rubbers and plastics. Nantex also produces other TPE such as SEBS compounds.

Our worldwide sales network covers the 4 corners of the globe, from Japan to Korea to the United States and Europe to Mainland China.

TPV is a ready to use thermoplastic elastomer that has been vulcanized and has the following characteristics:

  • Rubber-like: low compression set, good elasticity recovery, anti-slip, nice touch. 
  • Recyclability: green and environmentally friendly material.
  • Easy processing: TPV can be processed on standard thermoplastic equipment with lower energy consumption.
  • Excellent performance: weather resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, wide service temperature (-60℃ ~ 135℃).
  • Versatility: lower specific gravity, wide hardness range (35A~50D), good colorability.
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