Nancar NBR Rubber Product Introduction
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NANCAR ® NBR is a copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene. It has excellent oil resistant properties, and is popularly known as an oil resistant rubber.

Nantex started production of NANCAR® NBR in 1983 using technology that originated from B.F. Goodrich. BF Goodrich’s HYCAR® NBR was then a most reputable brand, with its technology having been authorized to other manufactures in Japan and Britain as well.

Apart from the traditional grades that were derived from the B.F. Goodrich HYCAR® NBR technology, Nantex has offerings to the market grades and technologies developed over the years that have gained and earned wide acceptance and approval by customers in the America, Japan, Korea, South East Asia, South Asia, Australia and China.

To better serve our customers over in Mainland China, Nantex set up a fully owned NBR producing subsidiary company, Zhenjiang Nantex Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. With the combined capacities of the Nantex plant in Kaohsiung and Zhenjiang, NANCAR ® NBR has become more established as a leading NBR brand in the Greater China area.

NANCAR® is the registered trade mark of nitrile rubber manufactured by NANTEX INDUSTRY CO., LTD.

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